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Cirrus Research Sound Level Meters

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Cirrus Optimus Yellow Sound

Level Meter

The Optimus Yellow instruments are a range of state-of-the-art-sound level meters that have been designed to meet the very latest standards for noise measurement instruments and provide the highest level of performance possible whilst being simple to setup, use and operate.
"It is a first class instrument and should be the prime tool of all environmental and occupational health officers"
  • Simple noise level testing
  • Noise ordinance enforcement
  • Community noise assessment
  • Fire & emergency alarm testing
  • Machinery servicing & maintainance

  • Fast, slow & impulse time weighting
  • dB(A), dB(C) and dB(Z) frequency weighting
  • Data logging (CR152B & CR151B)
  • Voice tag (CR152B & CR151B)
  • Audit store
  • High resolution colour OLED display
  • Measure up to 140db(A)
  • Pause and back erase as standard
  • 4GB memory with option of 32GB

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  • Environmental application of continuous monitoring here
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Cirrus Optimus Green Sound
Level Meter

The Optimus Green Sound Level Meters are the ultimate instruments when you need a sound level meter for both environmental and occupational noise.
The Optimus Green instruments will  also provide advanced audio recording during measurements using Acoustic Fingerprint technology along with up to 28 statistical
Ln values.

  • Environmental noise measurements
  • Occupational noise measurements
  • Simple noise measurements

  • Simultaneous measurement & data logging of all functions
  • SPL, Max/Min, Peak Leq, Noise Dose, Ln values, total noise detection,real time 1:1 & 1:3 octave band filters
  • A, C, & Z frequency & F,S & I time weightings plus Peak(A,C & Z)
  • Three independent intergrators for occupational noise
  • Class/Type 1 & Class/Type 2 versions
  • Fully compliant with BS EN/IEC61672 standards
  • Voice Tag audio note recording & AuditStore measurement verifications
  • In measurement audio recording with Acoustic Fingerprint triggering
  • High resolution colour OLED display with backlit keypad
  • Standard 4GB memory with 32GB option
  • Download measurements to the license-free NoiseTools software for reporting and analysis
  • Single 120dB measurement span with no range changing



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