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Grason Impedance Tips

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Grason Impedance Tips

  • Available from size KR4 through to size KR16

Single Use Eartips in a complete selection from newborn to geriatric. Sold in bags of 25.
Cost effective single use eartips for use with acoustic immittance instruments, otoacoustic emission systems and audiometric insert earphones. Single use eartips eliminate the need for cleaning or sterilising. Positive seals are easily achieved as single eartips are never exposed to rubber hardening cleaning processes.
The material used to fabricate Single Use Eartips has been used to manufacture disposable medical grade components with no known health hazards present when in final finished (molded) form. Single Use Eartips are intended for single patient use only, the materials used is not intended for cleaning or reuse.
Material is listed under the USA code of Federal Regulations, 21 CFR 177.1810 (generic approval for Styrene block polymers). Toxicological testing per United States Pharmacopeia (USP) XIX states "material presents a very low potential acute toxicity liability."
In addition the materials used to fabricate both Single Use Eartips and Earphone Cushions do not contain any latex, nor is latex used anywhere in the manufacturing process. Grason Associates Inc products are produced using plastic based synthetic compounds, not latex rubber-based materials.
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