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Injection Impression Taking



Injection Impression Taking

  • Eliminate the variables associated with the mixing of impression material

  • Two components are mixed to the correct consistency

  • Great for infection control

  • Reduce wastage of impression material

Manual injection impression taking effectively eliminates the variables associated with the mixing of the impression materials. This is achieved with the use of dual-chamber cartridges and special mixing cannulas. The precise and correct amount of the "A" and "B" components, propelled through a cannula, are mixed to the correct consistency prior to delivery from the tip. Cartridge materials are automatically mixed and blended to the manufacturers standards for the most effective results.

Consideration must also be given to the question of infection control. Touching or manipulating impression materials with the bare hands prior to insertion into the ear canal cannot be accepted as best practice.

Injection impression taking has greatly reduced the often forgotten costs of wastage of impression material caused by:

  • Individual interpretation of the manufacturers instructions
  • Imprecise ratio of catalyst to base material
  • Incorrect mixing of "A" to "B" components
  • Over estimating the quantity required with resultant left-overs
  • Under and over estimating the material mixture can result in accelerated curing and enlargement of the impression.
Injection impression taking can eliminate these potential errors by using a precise administration of the correctly mixed components.
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