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Aviation Lighting

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  • AV-15 Solar Aviation Light

  • AV-60 Solar Aviation Light

  • AV-70 Solar Aviation Light

  • AV-C310 Solar Low Intensity Obstruction Light

  • AV-425 Radio Controlled Solar Aviation Light

  • AV-OL-Dual Dual Obstruction Light

  • AV-OL Obstruction Light - Complete Assembly

  • AV-HL Radio Controlled Solar Helipad Light

  • AV-FL Radio Controlled Solar Helipad Floodlight

  • EMS Helipad Kit

Avlite Systems is a world-class solar aviation lighting systems manufacturer with a proven reputation for rapid, innovative and agile technology solutions designed specifically for defense, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote and toughest environments.

If you cannot find any products featured here to fulfill your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may be able to source something suitable for you.

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St Lucie International Airport, Florida, USA                Gobi Desert, Mongolia    

Queensland, Australia                                                East Midlands Police Force, UK
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