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Solar Power and Alternative Energy

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Reid Technology is New Zealand's leading supplier of renewable energy systems and components using solar panels, wind and micro hydro generators. These systems can be grid connected or for remote areas.

Renewable energy covers a wide range of power systems such as:
Solar Power Systems

Also known as photovoltaic systems, they use silicon wafer cells assembled in solar panels (or modules) to directly convert solar energy into electricity. These systems can be used independently or in tandem with conventional power sources and incur minimal ongoing costs with the flexibility to be used almost anywhere.
Wind Power Systems

Wind generators can provide useful amounts of power economically providing they are on a suitable site that is elevated and exposed to prevailing winds without obstructions. Wind generators can be combined with solar modules to provide steady, moderate power to meet regular loads and solid peaks on windy days for planned intermittent use.
Micro Hydro Power Systems

Where there is a stream with a reliable flow and an adequate head and flow rate, there is potential for power generation by micro hydro. Generally the unit is used in conjunction with a battery bank and an inverter to meet any intermittent loads which exceed the output of the micro hydro.
Generator Power Systems

For people who have a large power use or who cannot afford to immediately purchase a solar or solar/wind hybrid power system, a generator power system may be a viable alternative. Initially the power system may consist of just a petrol or diesel generator with power available only while the generator is running.
Remote Area Power Systems

Where mains power is unavailable, unreliable or prone to brown out, a simple inverter/battery system with solar, wind or generator charging can ensure you are never without power. This can be to provide sufficient power for the complete household or simply a reduced load until the power is restored.

To find out the size of your current power usage please fill in the appliance use table. The cost to set up a solar system is approximately $15,000 per kilowatts. An average house would require a system of approximately three to four kw.

Please see our example on the Appliance Use Table.


Grid Connect Power Systems

A grid connect solar system feeds a home / business with electricity from a solar panel array. The premises are still connected to the national grid. The building is only billed for electricity used that exceeds the electricity generated by the solar array. System sizes start at 1kW and can be provided for single or three phase locations. Please phone us for a consultation on 0508 476 527  


System Size

Reid Technology can design and size a complete solar system for you. This comprehensive sizing takes several hours to check all options available. Initial cost of this service is $250 inc gst. This fee is fully refundable upon purchase of the system.

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