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Vestfrost - Low Energy Refrigeration

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Vestfrost Chest Freezer

  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient

  • Super freeze function

  • Spacious, stackable baskets

  • Easy-to-read digital thermometer

Vestfrost is a world leader in the design and manufacture of refrigeration equipment. The largest manufacturer in Scandinavia, Vestfrost employs 1400 people in 9 factories.
Vestfrost brings this wealth of experience and innovation to its latest range of super low energy refrigeration equipment, the Prestige series. Designed for an increasingly demanding environmentally conscious European market, the super low energy units contain no harmful CFCs and utilise added insulation to achieve energy ratings less than a third of standard refrigeration whiteware.
This fact makes these units essential for remote area power applications operating on an inverter battery system, while also becoming increasingly more popular for urban dwellers keen to make an environmental choice and reduce their power bill.
Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer

321L Low Energy Chest Freezer - Temporarily out-of-stock
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