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Reid Technology has been involved in the New Zealand electronics scene for more than 60 years as an importer, distributor and project provider. 

We will always be at the cutting edge of electronic technology. 

We focus on Technology for Independence – this is the core value that runs through all of the products we offer.  

Technology for Independence improves the quality of life for the hearing impaired through assistive listening and living devices.  

Our solar power & battery systems allow people to live independently in remote locations.  

Grid connect solar power systems lessen our client's dependence on the national grid.  

Our Aids to Navigation provide our clients with solar powered and aviation navigation lights that run in remote locations throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.  

David Reid Electronics was founded in 1956 by David J Reid. 

The company quickly became a very popular electronic and electrical supplier with a retail chain of over 30 stores New Zealand wide.  

In 1992 the retail business was sold to Dick Smith Electronics and the technical arm of the business remained.  At this point the company was renamed Reid Technology Limited.  

The Hearing and Healthcare part of our business is 40 years old. It stems from 1980 when Reid Technology was the New Zealand distributor for British Hearing Aids and then Danavox hearing aids.  

We specialise in audiological products like assistive listening devices & alarms, telephones and audiological test equipment and consumables.  

Following the sale of the stores, Reid Technology entered the alternative energy and solar power market in 1995, when the BP Solar agency and staff were acquired from the Forgan Jones Company.  

Within the solar industry we operate as distributors / wholesalers and also as project providers where we design, supply and install solar power (photovoltaic) systems.  

Over the past 10+ years, Reid Technology has designed, supplied and installed many of the large solar power systems in New Zealand and the Pacific.  

We are very proud of the projects we have worked on and a number of them have won SEANZ and SBN awards.

As of 2021 we have won sixteen SEANZ awards over the last fourteen years.  To view some of our recently completed projects please click here

Reid Technology is Sealite and Avlite's distributor for New Zealand and the Pacific.  We have successfully represented this leading Australian manufacturer of navigation lights and buoys and aviation lights since 1995.  

Presently Reid Technology employs fourteen staff, and is based in Rosedale, on the North Shore of Auckland.  

Reid Technology Limited is a private company, proudly New Zealand owned and operated by the Reid family.  

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